ABOUT Mini Golf on the Go


Mini Golf on the Go was founded in 2020 by by 19 year old Peter Miller. It all started when a good friend of his asked for help converting a van into a portable house. Peter, with the little knowledge of carpentry he had agreed to help him build out the van. After a few hours of helping his friend, Peter realized that he had a passion for building and working with wood. Over the next week Peter helped his friend everyday with building out the van. Peter went from never using a drill before to finding his hidden passion for woodworking and carpentry. After the van was done, Peter decided to make one of his own projects. He started building a putting green that was 8 ft long by 2 ft long. The perfect size for a small hole to fit in someone's backyard. His entrepreneurial mind started turning and he came up with the idea to build a 9 hole mini golf course and rent it out to parties and events. Wasting no time at all, Peter started building. After 2 weeks the course was done. He stored the course in his parents garage (which they weren't thrilled about) and started the process of making this unique idea a business.  Mini Golf on the Go is now operating in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts.